AGECO International FZE specializes in re-gasketing on a transformer. A Leak on your transformer can lead to an expensive problem. The sealing of the transformer that is filled with mineral oil is in fact a crucial point as a long heating of the transformer and ageing can damage gaskets and therefore increase the risks of leakage. It generates not only risks for the transformer but also risks of pollution of environment:

  • Through leaking gaskets moisture and oxygen can enter a transformer causing enhanced aging of insulation and insulation failure.
  • Valves and damaged components such as cracked bushings can lead to oil leaks
  • The major environmental and health hazard is that the leaking oil getting onto the ground and possibly into groundwater which will be expensive and the environmental impact can be damaging.
  • If paint is lead-based the leaking oil can carry lead from transformer paint into the ground causing additional contamination.
  • Leaks above the transformer oil can allow the nitrogen cover to escape, causing more frequent nitrogen bottle replacement if provided with a positive pressure system.

    AGECO International FZE can provide efficient assistance to solve your leak problems. We can either, fix the leaking location/multiple locations or completely re-gasket all transformer openings, and reprocess the oil to put equipment back in good condition.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.