Radiator and Cooler Replacement


    With vast know-how and engineering expertise, AGECO International FZE provides replacement of radiator and/or cooler packages ready to install. Installation packages can include everything starting from installation drawings, radiators/coolers, pumps, piping, gaskets and hardware-or any combination of these items.


    In addition to supplying the parts, AGECO International FZE can then field install the equipment for all-in-one, hassle-free experience.


   Transformers located in outdoor substations risk corrosive degradation from the weather. If left unprotected leaks will develop. This increases the risk of equipment failure as the insulating oil level drops, especially if no Buchholz or low level alarm protection exists on the transformer.


    Further, oil leaks can potentially cause environmental damage.


   Cooling radiators can be replaced on site if corrosion or oil leaks are so extensive that normal repair or painting cannot be carried out satisfactorily.


   Transformer cooling radiator banks on large transformers can be replaced even if a new supporting structure is also required.


    Plate radiator coolers can be designed and fitted on site by our experienced team.


    Welded on type coolers can be removed and new, flanged, plate type radiators can be fitted without the transformers being returned to the factory.


    Cooling fitted to sealed transformers can be replaced and the tank modified to accommodate modern plate type radiators.






You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.