Leak Repair


    Oil leaks and nitrogen leaks are a troublesome problem found with many power transformers. Due to extreme operating and environmental conditions, leaks do occur at gaskets, fittings, welds and points of physical damage.


   Leaks are repairable, and AGECO International FZE has the knowhow and the ability to find leaks and make repairs. Some of our resources include experienced workforce; equipment necessary to handle, store oil and vacuum-fill; and our tailor-made specialized processes/procedures for all kinds of transformer repairs. 


   Oil leaks from transformers not only risk the environment but also expose transformers to unscheduled failure.


   Leaks can occur due to ageing gaskets, valves, damaged components that need replacing. And as well leak can happen through the corrosion on the structure. Hence, if leaks are permitted to continue, there is a danger that oil levels may fall causing protection devices to operate and/or faults to occur leading to interruption of transformer in service.


   Combined with AGECO International FZE’s expertise, a complete package for fixing the leak(s) can be offered to return the transformer into service in the best possible condition.


  If replacing gaskets is not operationally possible, some leaks can be sealed using a leak repair kit. The specially formulated kit can bond against even small flowing leaks in emergency circumstances.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.