Transformer Movement / Relocation


    We, at AGECO International FZE, offers the relocation of distribution and power transformers and also the associated equipment in the safe and controlled movement of large transformers; ensuring the integrity of the transformers. The works include uplifting and movement of old/new units to new sites/location as well as installation, testing and commissioning of old/new equipment which can be carried out to the customer's requirements as applicable.


    An average scope of works for the relocation of a power transformer would include the following key activities:

  • Planning Activities – transport routes, CDM coordination, Risk Assessment, Method Statements, lifting plans, etc,
  • Install impact recorder to monitor the shocks if any during the handling/transportation activities,
  • Preliminary inspection, testing and removal of mineral insulating oil,
  • Mechanical dismantle of auxiliaries equipment,
  • Packaging for the shipment,
  • Uplifting, loading, transport, offloading and final positioning at new location,
  • Secondary inspection and testing following transport,
  • Re-assembly of auxiliaries equipment and installation checks,
  • Vacuum, Oil filling and final oil circulation,
  • Final testing, commissioning and energization of the transformer,
  • Re-use, recycling or responsible disposal of redundant equipment.


    AGECO International FZE places significant emphasis on basic project planning works to facilitate the simultaneous delivery of activities that minimize the program schedule whilst still maintaining all quality, safety and environmental standards.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.