Transformer Low Voltage Tests


    AGECO International FZE can provide any kind of field transformer testing, utilizing its expertise knowledge, coupled with knowhow and long run experience.


     These tests can be conducted for commissioning of new or relocated transformers, as a part of routine maintenance or condition assessments, for diagnostics purposes or establishing benchmarks and repair services.


    Dedicated tests can be developed and conducted for specific purposes or needs (fault assessments, after repair and refurbishment etc...).


    Tests available include the following:

  • DC Insulation Resistance measurement:
    • Windings,
    • Core.
  • Power Factor Test (up to 15kV):
    • Windings,
    • Bushings.
  • Frequency Response Analysis measurement,
  • Transformer winding ratio measurement,
  • Transformer Phase Shifting measurement,
  • Winding Polarity check,
  • Vector group check,
  • Phase shifting (rectifier transformer) check,
  • Winding excitation measurement,
  • Winding impedance measurement.
  • Winding resistance measurement,
  • Current Transformer:
    • DC insulation resistance measurement,
    • Ratio measurement,
    • Polarity check,
    • Saturable curve check,
    • Winding resistance measurement.
  • Test, calibration of winding temperature indicator,
  • Test, calibration of oil temperature indicator,
  • Test of winding temperature / oil temperature with fiber optics,
  • Thermal scans,
  • Test of oil online monitoring (hydran, calypso),
  • Test of all transformer accessories.

    In addition to the above testing, we own the equipment, experience and efficiency to complete other service work you may require based on your test results and combining services can minimize costs and time.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.