Our equipment / materials for rental


    AGECO International FZE has profoundly invested in a wide range of machinery/tools and testing equipment to suit any services profile of transformers.


    All testing equipment for transformer include:

  • Transformer Turn Ratio,
  • Transformer Micro-Ohmmeter,
  • Power factor testing bank (15kV),
  • DC insulation resistance tester,
  • Swift Frequency Response analyzer,
  • Current transformer Analyzer,
  • Multimeters, phase rotation check,
  • Variac 30A,
  • Etc…

     All oil equipment include:

  • Oil filtration machines (from 3000L/hour to 12000L/hour),
  • Vacuum pumps up to 1.240 m3/hour,
  • Oil storage tanks (total oil storing capacity 200 M3),
  • Dielectric Breakdown voltage device,
  • Karl fisher moisture meter.

     All mobile repair shop include:

  • Mobile generator 300 KVA,
  • Mobile Unit Repair Shop (modulable),
  • Dry air machine high capacity,
  • Etc…


You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.