Project Management


    As an integrated services provider, we at AGECO International FZE complete all the works from preliminary investigation of the original fault to the repair, refurbishment, re-installation, erection, testing and commissioning and oil processing of power transformer, as well as managing specialist heavy haulage if required.


    The benefit of a one contractor solution with AGECO International FZE is the synchronized control of the project activities to increase efficiency and minimize the project schedule on the whole.

     Our efficient and dedicated team of Project management offers round the clock service to deliver the daily/weekly site reports, daily/weekly progress reports and EHS documents with all necessary updated project schedules.

    Our experienced Project Managers and their team are responsible for making undisputable completion of a project within a certain set of limitations. These limitations usually involve time, cost, manpower and materials.

     The project management team then ensures that the project must then be completed on time to a perfect level of quality and safety.


    AGECO International FZE places significant emphasis on basic project planning works to facilitate the simultaneous delivery of activities that minimize the program schedule whilst still maintaining all quality, safety and environmental standards.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.