When a power transformer is out of service, particularly during an unscheduled outage, operating personnel face difficult decisions involving restoration times and repair costs. Although modern methods of power transformer maintenance allow early detection of some operational hazards, some defects remain beyond the reach of preventive maintenance. For these reasons, a quick, reliable method is needed to determine the type of fault involved in an outage, the location of the fault and the range of repairs required to restore a damaged unit. Conventionally, transformer is sent to the  repair workshop for conducting repairs. But moving the transformer to the workshop consumes time, cost and involves high risk/challenge during transportation. As well major manufacturers drive the choice to new transformer, because one of the main reasons is that:

  • they cannot mix the product line with repair product because of the high risk to pollute the new transformer production line,
  • finding available slot in the product line.







   AGECO International FZE values its customer as a partner and offers them always the best solution for their need, therefore as an alternate to the OEM repair,

   AGECO International FZE’s on-site repair delivers the transformer in shorter time and energized into service much earlier than workshop/factor repairs; i.e. less than 6 months for a major repair of any transformer brand up to 600MVA at 220kV including windings replacement, magnetic core replacement and/or on load tap changer replacement.

    AGECO International FZE’s proposal for on-site transformer repair is much economical than an factory repair.


    To meet the short delivery time and to be cost-effective for the repair at any site worldwide; AGECO International FZE has developed a specific process based on ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001 which we have been certified. This industrialized process is designed by our highly experienced experts with over 30 years of on-site transformer repair practice. Our procedures and control measures being adopted are applicable to the whole repair, drying and testing activities resulting from the industrialized process to ensure and assure that quality achieved is either equal or better than factory product line. The final outcome of these methods is based on two main benchmarks:

  1. Our core strength and reliability which is our technically experienced manpower/team that carries out this activity on a daily basis as a day to day routine work since many years. This team undergoes regular training/evaluation for continuous improvement thus leading to our mutual success.
  2. Our asset which is our patented specific unique tools namely; Mobile Unit Repair Shop (MURS), Mobile Air Dryer Unit (MADU) and high capacity tailor made Mobile Oil Drying Unit (MODU). This equipment is regularly scheduled for maintenance and service to meet the high demand for uninterrupted usage.

    Furthermore, AGECO International FZE possesses a long list of up-to-date testing tools that has been developed in cooperation with Swiss manufacturer to meet our specific need for transformer repair and also to meet the latest revised international standard, for Frequency Response Analysis measurement, phase shifting measurement etc... These devices are checked and calibrated yearly (certificates are available if required). All the activities for assessment/repair work is continuously monitored, controlled and recorded which include our customized mandatory testing plan. As well several holding point/checks are put in place for critical/sensitive activities. All these tasks are detailed in our Quality Plan (ITP) which is referring to our procedures and control measures, resulting to our industrialized process to ensure and assure that quality achieved is either equal or better than factory product line.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.