Regeneration of Oil


    The oil purification dehydration process alone is not sufficient to reduce acidity level, hence the oil has to be either changed or regenerated.


    The fuller earth is the best means of regeneration to treat the oil acidity. In function to the supply, while in service, an index between 0,4 and 0,6 Mg KoH/gr has to be considered as a maximum, above this one, there is a danger.


    In all cases, it is better to stay within this limit, because with an increasing index of acidity, it is necessary to observe the dielectric breakdown voltage continuously and then to consider to carry out the dehydration operations regularly to maintain an acceptable threshold.


    By removing solid impurities, dissolved moisture and gases from insulating or by fuller earth regeneration, enables to restore the oil dielectric properties and thus to extend the useful life of your transformer.


    Benefits of regeneration of the oil include:

  • Acidity reduction,
  • Color improvement,
  • Sludge reduction.

    Fuller's earth can be used to decolorize and neutralize electrical insulating oils. It excels in neutralizing traces of strong inorganic acid. Due to the relatively large pores in fuller's earth, it is well adapted to the removal of high molecular weight sulfonates, resins and asphaltines.


   Transformer oil will discolor as oxidation of the oil takes place. Color, by itself, is not a reliable test in evaluating the condition of the oil for further use. It is a strong indication that something is happening within the transformer that requires investigation. Once transformer oil changes from the yellow color range into the orange and red color range, it has degraded to the point where the vital parts of the transformer are being seriously affected.


    As the color of the oil changes, sludge is forming in solution with the oil due to oxidation. This causes a drop in interfacial tension and an increase in the acid (neutralization) number. When transformer oil deteriorates to the red color ranges, deposited sludge continues to oxidize and harden, blocking vents and insulating cooling fins, ducts thereby causing raising operating temperatures. Insulation shrinkage may take place, and premature failure is possible.


    Our equipment is a stand-alone system, as modules are integrated into our existing oil purification systems.






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