The Mobile Unit Repair set is designed to be a part of our industrialized process for the repair and the refurbishment of transformer at site and is composed of:

  • Mobile Unit Repair Shop (MURS)
  • Mobile Air Dryer Unit (MADU)
  • Mobile Oil Drying Unit (MODU)


Mobile Unit Repair Shop (MURS)


     The Mobile Unit Repair Shop is a tailor made sealed enclosure pressurized with filtered dry air (MADU) to provide safe environment to the active part by avoiding moisture ingress, pollution by alien particles and prevent damages from rain, hailstone, sand and snow.


     This Mobile Unit Repair Shop (MURS) can be assembled around or in the vicinity to the transformer in maximum two days’ time depending on its extension/sizing.


      Lighting is provided inside in order to have the capability to work in three shifts. Extension cabinet (400V – 100A) is available to supply any of our electrical portable tools need. For the work at high an appropriate scaffolding (BS standard) is provided to meet the size of the transformer.


      This Mobile Unit Repair Shop (MURS):

  • can mobilize to any site worldwide by air freight, sea freight and land freight,
  • can fit to any transformer size from the small distribution transformer to the largest power transformer,
  • can suit to any site conditions and/or dimensions as floor imperfection, building surrounding, etc…,
  • can withstand high mechanical stress of heavy winds and bad weather,
  • composed of the latest technological high grade material which meet international standard on their specification/construction; such as the best fire retardant product, made of alloy aluminum lighter in weight, hardest fabric on the market and is transformer oil resistant,
  • a gantry crane for light handling (1 Ton) is an integrated part of this unit,
  • for heavy lift requiring crane our MURS has a 2 minutes opening/closing sealed sliding roof.


Mobile Air Dryer Unit (MADU)


      Our Mobile Air Dryer Unit (MADU) is a tailor made/built machinery to suit our requirement:

  • for safe environment for the working personal,
  • for maintaining positive pressure in our Mobile Unit Repair Shop (MURS) by any bad weather condition,
  • for drying air as low as possible to preserve the active part/insulation product to be ingress by the surrounding moisture and alien particles,
  • in case of sudden breakdown, for back up our MADU is fitted with additional equipment.

     This Mobile Air Dryer Unit (MADU) is fitted inside a 20 feet container and must be located next to the Mobile Unit Repair Shop (MURS) and can be mobilized to any site worldwide by sea freight and land freight.



Mobile Oil Drying Unit (MODU)


      Our Mobile Oil Drying Unit (MODU) is specifically engineered and tailor made/built machinery to meet international standard criteria for drying active part. This unique Mobile Oil Drying Unit (MODU) has:

  • very high capacity for oil flow – 20,000 liters per hour,
  • very high capacity for vacuum – two (2) double stage vacuum pumps groups,
  • and can maintain all the installation including the transformer under vacuum at constant oil flow of 20,000 liters per hours,
  • our drying process takes more or less 20% time more than to a conventional Vapor Phase process applied in factory.

     This Mobile Oil Drying Unit (MODU) is fitted inside a 20 feet container and can be mobilized to any site worldwide by sea freight and land freight.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.