Q: Who should I call to discuss my service needs or get a quote on a job?

You can call +971 43261500 who will direct your enquiry to the technical team. Our working hours: Saturday till Thursday from 08:00 Hrs to 17:00 Hrs.


Q: Does AGECO International FZE Service just work on any one particular brand of transformer?

AGECO International FZE specializes working on ANY brand of power transformers manufactured from anywhere in the world.


Q: What kinds of services does AGECO International FZE perform on transformers?

AGECO International FZE executes all kinds of service on transformer you might need like:

•    Installation: Testing and commissioning.

•    Repair: magnetic core replacement, windings replacement, tap-changer replacement.

•    Service Maintenance: bushings replacement, tap-changer maintenance, Re-gasketing, Repainting, routine testing and upgrades, monitoring system maintenance, fiber optic testing.

•    Oil Processing: oil sampling / oil analysis / oil analysis interpretation, oil purification / dehydration, regeneration of oil, transformer dryout, on-site tanker storage, silicone degasification / retrofilling

•    Refurbishment: extending end life of your transformer

•    Upgrading: transformer overhaul & modernisation


Q: We do not wish to move the transformer to the factory for repair/refurbishment. Can AGECO International FZE support us?

You are in the right hands now. AGECO International FZE core specialty is the ON SITE repair activity. We are expertise in ON SITE activity. AGECO International FZE executes all kind of service you might need starting from acute repairing, tap changer replacement, core replacement till winding replacement. We serve the client to give a cost-efficient solution and eventually save the time of transportation.


Our slogan is:    Why move your transformer to the factory…

                            We move the factory to your transformer…


Q: Does AGECO International FZE team perform work in my topographical area?

Yes, our Transformer team and service engineers/technicians can work across the world.


Q: Can AGECO International FZE support me with problems that require expertise/engineering knowledge?

Yes, our transformer expert has all the complete experience, far-reaching know-how with ultimate capability to do Expertise/Assessment/Survey i.e., FAT; condition assessments; design reviews; failure analysis including consultancy for loss adjustors insurance. See here for further information.


Q: Can we know more about you?

AGECO International FZE is more honored to explain about own self. AGECO International FZE provides total transformer solution and we are confident of our commitment to provide the products, services and support that meet and satisfy our customers' expectations – every day, and in every order. Our large, modern tools/equipment base along with our skilled personnel, give us greater flexibility, faster response times, reduced installation hours and lower your costs while helping us provide efficient, safe and high quality service to our customers. AGECO International FZE works on to increase reliability and life of your transformer while lowering the cost of your transformer maintenance.


We are equipped, effective, efficient and economical. We're here to support you to keep your power system active and running with a highly cost-effective service, proper and perfect repair or maintenance as per the International Standard IEC, ASTM, IEEE and quality standard ISO 9001:2008 abiding to Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001:2008).