Expertise / Consultancy


    AGECO International FZE is a Transformer Expert / Specialist, providing consultancy services and training for throughout the clients in specification, design, construction, testing, failure investigation and condition assessment of Power and Distribution transformers used for both industrial and supply utility applications. Our team has over 30 years’ of worldwide experience.


    Our line of services includes:

  • Investigation and Report on Transformer Service Failures to determine Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and appropriate repair processes for OEM, industrial, supply utility and loss adjuster companies.
  • Development of new Power Transformer repair Technical Specifications for Industrial users.
  • Technical Evaluation of Tenders for both new transformers and transformer repair and refurbishment projects.
  • Contract Design Reviews at Power Transformer manufacturers.
  • Supplier evaluation including factory audits prior to contract award.
  • Condition assessment on Spare Transformer.
  • Witnessing of Critical manufacturing processes and acceptance testing at manufacturer's facilities.
  • Witnessing of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) at manufacturer's facilities.
  • Investigation and Report on Transformer Test Room Failures to determine if service life is compromised and ensure Manufacturers' processes are improved to prevent a reoccurrence.
  • Condition Assessment of aged transformers.
  • Draft Transformer Life Management Policies, including Diagnostic Site testing, maintenance and refurbishment processes.
  • Provide training in transformer and On Load tap changer construction and operation, maintenance and life extension.


You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.