Circuit Breaker Maintenance


Circuit breakers are important components in switchgear, generator switchgear, and other electrical power systems infrastructure. Faulty circuit breakers can cause important damage and equipment outage leading to production downtime.


Regular maintenance of circuit breakers is crucial in protecting people and equipment in order to guarantee high levels of efficiency and reliability in electrical installations.


In that way, AGECO International FZE can conduct the maintenance on different kind and brand of circuit breaker such as, SF6 gas breaker (Medium voltage) or Air Circuit Breakers (ACB).

In line with manufacture standards we perform the maintenance which includes the following services :


  • Visual inspection, cleaning
  • Check manual, opening, closing & tripping operation
  • Insulation test of each pole to ground
  • Breaker contact resistance test
  • Power factor measurement (where applicable)
  • Check and set contact gaps as needed (where applicable)
  • Check auxiliary wiring
  • Check continuity closing coils
  • Vaccum/filing of SF6 gas (where applicable)
  • Apply contact grease on main contacts, lubricate mechanisms.



You can contact our administrative office to arrange a meeting or site visit by one of our specialist project engineers for the above need.